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James Hardie provides information on this website ‘as is’. Efforts are made to ensure the information is accurate and current at the time of publication. However, James Hardie accepts no liability for any errors or omissions. Suitable professional advice should be sought when making decisions in relation to trading in the shares of the company. James Hardie will not be liable for any loss of profits or damage of any kind (including consequential or economic loss) as a result of information contained on this website.

In addition to all the other Terms and Conditions listed on our website, James Hardie does not endorse, recommend, or make any representations or warranties about the service or installation provided by any installer or remodeler, including but not limited to installers/remodelers located on or obtained through the use of any James Hardie website. Any information provided by James Hardie is solely for informational purposes only. We make no guarantees or representations regarding the skills of any installer/remodeler, nor do we guarantee or warrant the outcome and quality of the job that they may perform if you elect to retain their services. The installers/remodelers are not employees or agents of James Hardie, and your choice to use any installer/remodeler is at your own risk. Your rights are governed by the terms of the contract you enter into with the installer/remodeler you select, and by applicable federal, state, provincial and/or local laws. JAMES HARDIE SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY FOR ANY INJURY OR OTHER DAMAGES RESULTING FROM YOUR CHOICE TO USE ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED REGARDING INSTALLERS/REMODELERS INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY DAMAGES OR CLAIMS ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH DISPUTES, CONTRACTS, OR YOUR DEALINGS WITH THE INSTALLERS/REMODELERS. Should you have a dispute with any installer/remodeler, YOU HEREBY AGREE TO RELEASE JAMES HARDIE AND ITS AGENTS, EMPLOYEES, PARENT, AFFILIATES, OR SUBSIDIARIES FROM ANY DAMAGES OR CLAIMS OF EVERY KIND OR NATURE, SUSPECTED AND UNSUSPECTED, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, AND DISCLOSED OR UNDISCLOSED, INCLUDING CONSEQUENTIAL AND INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH SUCH DISPUTES AND YOUR DEALINGS WITH THE INSTALLERS/REMODELERS.

Hyperlinks and Downloads
The links to third party sites within this website are provided solely for your information. James Hardie does not endorse, or accept liability for, any content or downloads within sites which you may access via a hyperlink from our website. In addition we do not accept liability in connection with any downloads contained within our website.

Copyright and Trademarks
The information presented on this website, along with all other materials available for viewing or downloading is the copyrighted work of James Hardie and is protected under US and worldwide copyright laws and treaty provisions. © 2014 James Hardie Building Products Inc. All rights reserved. TM,SM and ® denote trademarks or registered trademarks of James Hardie Technology Limited. The  , HardiePlank, HardiePanel, HardieShingle, HardieSoffit, HardieTrim, HardieBacker and ColorPlus logos are registered trademarks of James Hardie Technology Limited.


JHinsite™ user terms and conditions

  • 1. Use of JHinsite™ premium service program (JHinsite™) is subject to these terms and conditions.2. JHinsite™ is provided by James Hardie Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 12 084 635 558) (‘James Hardie’).3. Use of JHinsite™ is open to all persons or businesses that participate in the building industry in Australia whether as an architect/designer, builder, installer or distributor of building products and who register as an JHinsite™ user.4. To register as a user, a person must complete the JHinsite™ registration form.5. The right to access JHinsite™ is personal to each registered user and cannot be transferred to another person or company.

    6. Users will fall into different user categories according to the nature of their business.

    7. If a user refuses to provide all necessary information outlined in the registration form, James Hardie may refuse access to JHinsite™. For more information about the way in which James Hardie may use and disclose personal information provided by users of JHinsite™, users should refer to the Notification of collection of personal information available on the registration page and James Hardie’s Privacy Policy available by clicking on the Privacy tab on the JHinsite™ website.

    8. Users can access, update or correct any of their personal details via their login page on the JHinsite™ website.

    9. Users of JHinsite™ gain access to a suite of online tools and information and access to James Hardie’s building industry experts all of which is aimed at helping users make the best use of James Hardie and Scyon™ products in their business.

    10. James Hardie may vary the tools and information provided as part of JHinsite™ from time to time without notice.

    11. James Hardie will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including but not limited to all direct, indirect and consequential loss or damage) or for any personal injury or death which is suffered or sustained as a result of being an JHinsite™ user. This does not apply to any liability that cannot be excluded by law.

    12. Separate terms and conditions apply to the use of specific tools such as CAD drawings and also in respect of James Hardie’s products. See below for more information.

    13. In the event of any dispute relating to the interpretation of these terms and conditions or any issues arising relating to use of JHinsite™, James Hardie’s decision is final and binding and no correspondence shall be entered into.

    14. James Hardie may at its sole discretion suspend or terminate a user’s right to access JHinsite™ without notice.

    15. If a registered user does not login to JHinsite™ for a period of 6 months, they will be sent an email notifying them that their registration has become inactive and that they will need to reregister for further access to JHinsite™.

    16. It is an ongoing condition of use of JHinsite™ that a user agrees to receive, including by means of email or other electronic communication, technical updates and supplements in relation to James Hardie’s products.

    17. By registering as a JHinsite™ user, users consent to the information they submit when registering being entered into a database maintained by James Hardie. Users consent to James Hardie using this information for the purposes of sending users future technical, promotional, marketing and publicity material without any further reference and this includes information sent by electronic communication including but not limited to email or SMS.

    18. It is a condition of use of any online tools on the JHinsite™ website that users acknowledge and agree that any information they enter or authorize to be entered in the process of using one of the online tools is visible to and may be accessed by James Hardie and its employees. Users agree that James Hardie may use any such information to help users identify further opportunities to use Scyon™ and other James Hardie products on projects and to help users identify opportunities to achieve lower “on the wall costs”. However, James Hardie has no obligation to use the information in this manner or at all.

    19. Users acknowledge and agree that use of an online tool may result in them being contacted by a James Hardie representative or receiving an electronic communication as a follow up.

    20. James Hardie reserves the right to make alterations to these terms and conditions without notice. From time to time, James Hardie may publish updated copies of these terms and conditions on the JHinsite™ website.


  • 21. The material published in this website is the copyright of James Hardie Australia Pty Ltd ABN 12 084 635 558. The use of technical manuals and CAD drawings are subject to their respective conditions of use described below. All other materials may not be copied, used or reproduced in any manner outside the uses permitted in this website, without James Hardie’s express written consent.

Technical manuals – conditions of use

  • 22. The James Hardie Technical Manuals reproduced on this website are intended to be read and used as a whole. Extracts should not be relied upon without reference to the complete technical manual.

CAD drawings and content – conditions of use

  • IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE PROVISIONS BELOW, DO NOT USE THE JAMES HARDIE CAD DRAWINGS23. Copyright in the CAD drawings and content belongs to James Hardie and the reproduction of this material is only authorised for purposes connected with the specification or use of James Hardie’s products. This information is intended to be informative and used as a guideline in conjunction with the relevant James Hardie literature. Due to the many variables affecting different projects it cannot replace the judgment or advice of an architect, engineer or other relevant technical expert. Such experts must be consulted to determine the suitability or otherwise of the details or the necessity for further design or detailing.24. CAD drawings and content available from the James Hardie website are solely for the purposes of detailing, specifying, using, and promoting the use of James Hardie products and systems in conjunction with James Hardie products’ guidelines (“James Hardie Products and Systems”).25. The James Hardie documentation, including CAD drawings, is protected by copyright laws. All James Hardie intellectual property rights, libraries, source codes, technical specifications and other files contained on the James Hardie CAD files remain the exclusive property of James Hardie, and its related companies.26. The User is authorised to reproduce and distribute exact copies or exact extracts of the CAD drawings for the sole purpose of detailing, specifying, using and promoting the use of James Hardie Products and Systems.

CAD drawings – prohibited uses

  • 27. The User may not, under any circumstances use or allow the use of the CAD drawings with any product or system other than James Hardie Products and Systems.


  • 28. James Hardie may provide warranties in relation to the products and systems that are the subject of the CAD drawings. The details of such warranties are available from www.jameshardie.com.au or the James Hardie CustomerLink™ Service Centre on 13 11 03.29. All other expressed or implied warranties or liabilities in relation to the CAD drawings, and information contained in the CAD drawings are excluded, except for any warranties or liabilities which may not be modified or excluded under relevant laws. To the extent permitted at law, James Hardie excludes all liability arising out of the use, reproduction, or distribution of the CAD drawings.30. The User remains solely responsible to anyone receiving or using systems created by the User using the CAD drawings.

Terms and conditions of sale – building products

  • 31. The terms and conditions available at the following link apply to all sales of fibre cement building boards, accessories and related fibre cement products, within Australia, by James Hardie Australia Pty Ltd, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the buyer. A buyer who submits an order to James Hardie agrees to transact on these terms.Terms and Conditions of Sale – Building Products (35kb)

Trademark information

  • 32. ™ & ® denotes trademarks or registered marks owned by James Hardie Technology Ltd. These trademarks may not be copied, used or reproduced in any manner without James Hardie’s express written consent. A product brochure containing a trademark may be downloaded and printed for personal use by customers.

Warranty information

  • 33. All James Hardie products are sold with a full product warranty. For details of the warranty terms applying to any particular product, please see the relevant product manual current at the time of purchase.34. The product applications and installation recommendations described in this website have been formulated along the lines of good building practice. However, they are not intended to be an exhaustive statement of all the relevant data. Customers should obtain detailed advice from architects, designers, builders or other building and construction industry professionals to ensure that any particular product or installation method is fully-suited to the specific project being undertaken.35. Details of designers, builders and other building industry participants are published in this website for information purposes. This publication does not constitute an endorsement of these participants by James Hardie. Customers should make their own enquiries to ensure that a person or business is appropriate for the customer’s particular needs.36. For convenience, this website contains other website addresses and links to other websites. This is published for information purposes. James Hardie does not endorse, approve of, or make any representations or warranties in relation to the information published on those other websites. James Hardie is not responsible and will not be liable for any information published on those other websites.37. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of New South Wales and users submit to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales in relation to any disputes arising in connection with them or the use of JHinsite™.

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